Design Questionnaire

Getting Started

Ready to turn your idea into a reality? the Purabell Design Questionnaire is the first step!

This questionnaire is designed to help our designers quickly understand your project and which services you will be needing. Once completed, we will reach out to schedule your Design Consultation. If you haven't already learned about our services yet, please click here first.

The Basics

We're excited to learn more!


Please tell us a little more about which services you think you will need. Are any terms confusing? no problem! We can help make sense of these during your Design Consultation.

Are you interested in Grading your patterns? * Starts at $380

Creating a range of sizes for a single style.

Are you interested in Design Consultation? * Starts at $300

A design consultation to analyze your idea and all involved components

Are you interested in Component Sourcing? * Starts at $125

Assistance sourcing fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, hooks, elastic, labels, tags, etc.

Are you interested in a tech pack of your design? * Starts at $785

Technical analysis of your idea for sewing, seams, measurements, seam allowance, etc.

Are you interested in Technical Design? * Starts at $385

Creation of flats and sketches for your idea.

Are you interested in First Patterns? * Starts at $385

Designing of your first pattern that can be used to create a prototype.

Are you interested in Prototypes? * Starts at $2,800

A completed sample product or garment created of your idea.

Are you interested in digital pattern making of your designs? * Starts at $480